July 23, 2017


The Olympic Mountains viewed from Bremerton

The Best of Bremerton, Washington

Despite not being often considered as a tourist destination, Bremerton is definitely worth exploring for a few hours or half a day if you’re visiting Seattle or the Puget Sound area.


Smith Tower, Secrets, and Seattle

During my time in Seattle last summer, I visited Smith Tower, intrigued by a single feature: a wishing chair, housed on the tower’s 35th floor as a gift from the Last Empress of China. As the legend goes, any single woman who sincerely wished to be married could sit in that chair and her wish would be fulfilled within a year. I hightailed it over to Smith Tower and sat in the wishing chair twice for good measure. Guess what? It worked.


Seattle Under My Skin

My first brush with Seattle was a brief flirtation. After recently spending a week there, I can safely say it’s now a full-blown love affair.


Adventures Along the Pacific Coast

The past two weeks have been fulfilling–and full–as I’ve made my way north through the Pacific coast states.


Pacific Coast – Here I Come!

Hey, everyone! I’m finally off adventuring again, this time on the West Coast of the United States. Join me as I drive almost the entire length of the Pacific Coast, from San Diego to Seattle, and hit some highlights in between. Things didn’t start out so well last night. My flight, which was scheduled to leave at around 8:30 pm… [Keep reading…]