July 23, 2017


Welcome to Wyoming

Throwing in the Solo Travel Towel?

Over pancakes and bacon and coffee the morning following the funeral of a cousin, my two older brothers and I reminisced about her life and our own childhood while lamenting the fact that we weren’t as close as we’d like to be. As a step toward cementing our filial bond, I invited them both to join me on my cross-country roadtrip when I moved west.


Coming to Terms with the Urge for Going

The list of destinations I want to visit just keeps growing. On days like today when wanderlust feels like a fever running hot in my veins and a tight, anxious fist in my chest, I start to wonder–how will I ever see it all?


You *Do* Actually Want to Travel, Don’t You?

While blogging about travel over the past two years, I’ve made a basic assumption: people who read this blog want to travel and possess the same level of near-crazed wanderlust that I do. Turns out that maybe I’m wrong about that…


Confession: I Am a Travel Chicken

Even after having traveled solo for years, I still feel that small twinge of fear every time I set out on my own. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that the first step to getting over your solo travel fear is taking a first step.


Forbidden Photography – A Tale of Travel Temptation

I know I shouldn’t have done it but I couldn’t help myself. Climbing the old stone staircase to the second floor of the Gruuthuse Museum in Brugge, Belgium, I am struck by the sunlight streaming through the nearby stained glass window, landing on the steps in a cascade of color. In only a moment I am utterly entranced. I want… [Keep reading…]