December 10, 2016

St. John

Reef Bay, St. John

Virgin Islands National Park: Hiking the Reef Bay Trail

A great way to get familiar with the landscape, flora, and fauna of U.S. national parks is to take a guided hike or walk offered through the National Park Service (NPS).

The Wildlife of St. John, USVI

Solo Travel Throwback: Safari Bus on St. John

More than all of the other shots of the incredibly clear turquoise waters or colorful buildings or tropical flora, this photo of the back of a safari bus encapsulates the spirit of St. John for me.

bumming a ride

Today I Get “Spunky”

A few months ago, I wrote an extremely well-received post about traveling to St. John, USVI and how it became a defining moment for me as a solo traveler. In it, I touched on my experience hitchhiking while on the island. Most of the 100-plus comments were supportive of my experience but I was also chastised by one or two who thought I had no business hitchhiking as a woman alone. Well, I’ve never spoken about it again…until now.

Maho Bay, St. John, U.S.V.I.

The Birth of a Solo Traveler

My trip was now mere hours away, and reality had begun to set in. In all of the excitement of planning, it truly hadn’t dawned on me that I would be traveling alone. Solo. Just me, myself, and I.


Why I Love Travel

Why do I love travel? Travel is not just recreation. It is re-creation.


The Lady is a Tramp(er): An Interview with Yours Truly

It’s Friday. I started blogging about my wanderlust roughly two weeks ago and it dawned on me that I hadn’t yet talked about my journey towards becoming a solo traveler. So here’s a little more about me, interview-style.


Solo Safety

My eyes went as wide and as white as a bone china saucer. Was this guy seriously talking to me? And even worse, what was I doing sitting in the cab of a converted Ford F-350 with him—alone?