July 23, 2017

south dakota

Overlooking the Badlands

Beyond Boundaries in Badlands National Park

It was raining–hard–on the morning I left Rochester, Minnesota. It was the third day of my big cross-country road trip and I was headed to Custer, South Dakota for the night. Being an early riser, I was already on the road a little before five in the morning, driving west under steel gray skies and dodging muscular semis while the… [Keep reading…]

Mount Rushmore - it was smaller than I thought, but no less impressive.

Feeling Presidential: One for Mount Rushmore

My fist was curled firmly around the handbrake, my feet orchestrating a game of reverse musical chairs on the clutch, accelerator, and brake pedal as I attempted to maneuver the stick shift car up the incline through parking concessions and up to the drab, concrete parking deck of Mount Rushmore National Memorial.