July 23, 2017

solo travel


Chihuly Garden and Glass: A Clear Seattle Favorite

Opened in May 2012, Chihuly Garden and Glass is already a top tourist attraction, quickly eclipsing its more established neighbors like the iconic Space Needle as one of the most highly recommended things to do in Seattle.

Welcome to Wyoming

Throwing in the Solo Travel Towel?

Over pancakes and bacon and coffee the morning following the funeral of a cousin, my two older brothers and I reminisced about her life and our own childhood while lamenting the fact that we weren’t as close as we’d like to be. As a step toward cementing our filial bond, I invited them both to join me on my cross-country roadtrip when I moved west.


Finding Yourself Through Solo Travel

It’s those moments when I’m away from everything and everyone I know, out of my comfort zone and neck deep in the unfamiliar, that show me who I really am as a person and train me how to listen to my own voice.


Confession: I Am a Travel Chicken

Even after having traveled solo for years, I still feel that small twinge of fear every time I set out on my own. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that the first step to getting over your solo travel fear is taking a first step.


Community Table Concept a Boon for Solo Travelers

Maybe you’ve been there before: you’re traveling solo and in search of a place to sit down to a delicious meal. Popping into that restaurant you’ve heard so much about, the host, upon learning you’re a party of one, escorts you past a vacant table…and seats you at the bar where you spend the rest of the evening with your… [Keep reading…]