December 10, 2016


View of Montreal from Mont Royal

Weekend Wanderlust For One: Solo City Break to Montreal, Canada

Editor’s Note: Weekend Wanderlust for One is a series where I give my favorite bloggers a $500 budget and ask them to plan a weekend getaway less than 4 hours away from their hometowns that lasts 3 days and 2 nights for 1 traveler. The blogger who answers the challenge this month? Gray Cargill of Solo Friendly.


Travel Passes: Are They Right For You?

Ah, the travails of the budget traveler. You planned to fly out on a Tuesday or Wednesday, signed up for every fare alert you could find, and then pounced on that discount airfare to the destination you’ve been dreaming about visiting forever. You combed through hotel review after hotel review and then used your auto club card to secure an… [Keep reading…]

Rock pigeons chasing the chill of a Montreal winter at the Chalet du Mont-Royal

A Single Snapshot: Chasing the Chill of a Montreal Winter

When I visited Montreal in November 2009, I hiked up through le Parc du Mont-Royal on a bitterly cold and foggy day. Upon arriving at the Chalet du Mont-Royal at the top of the Parc I found that I wasn’t the only person looking for a little shelter. This image of rock pigeons nested in the window ledges of the Chalet is among the most enduring of the time I spent in Montreal.