July 23, 2017


National Express offers a fairly straightforward coach service between London and Glasgow. It's long and sometimes it's uncomfortable, but it will get you to your destination.

Taking the Long Way: London to Glasgow by Bus

It’s a nine-hour ride, but going from London to Glasgow by bus really isn’t all that bad.

How much would you pay to stay in this hotel room?

The Most Expensive Hotel Room I’ve Ever Stayed In

If you want to know where to stay in London, or you’re looking for cheap London hotels, you definitely want to look around in advance to get the best options. I learned the hard way that staying in London can be pretty pricey, something you definitely want to take into consideration if you’re planning to travel there.

Waiting at the South Kensington tube station at midnight.

The Flipside of Travel Expectations

  I had a dream, many years ago, about the first time I would visit London. In my dream, I touched down in an airplane that looked oddly like a Boeing 677 Stratocruiser painted in a dark green, worn to a dull luster by time. As I stepped off the flight and unto the mossy cobblestoned runway in the center… [Keep reading…]