March 29, 2017


The Olympic Mountains viewed from Bremerton

The Best of Bremerton, Washington

Despite not being often considered as a tourist destination, Bremerton is definitely worth exploring for a few hours or half a day if you’re visiting Seattle or the Puget Sound area.


Hooked on Ricky’s Fish Tacos in Hollywood

When Yelp directs you to great Mexican food in Hollywood, you expect the establishment is housed in a building, but there I was at what looked like a private backyard party under a white pop-up tent just off Sunset Boulevard.


Community Table Concept a Boon for Solo Travelers

Maybe you’ve been there before: you’re traveling solo and in search of a place to sit down to a delicious meal. Popping into that restaurant you’ve heard so much about, the host, upon learning you’re a party of one, escorts you past a vacant table…and seats you at the bar where you spend the rest of the evening with your… [Keep reading…]


Livin’ La Vida Local at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market

It’s a sunny Sunday morning in Los Angeles and I can’t help smiling. I’m strolling along Ivar Avenue in Hollywood, browsing the stalls of the Hollywood Farmers’ Market. The canopy-covered farmstands are overflowing with color: robust pepper reds, golden Valencia oranges, deep green bunches of kale, and potent eggplant purple. There are many other colors too among the market’s offerings, a… [Keep reading…]


Sprinkles Cupcake ATM: Beverly Hills’ Sweetest Gimmick

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? They’re the ultimate guilty pleasure. What if there were a machine that dispensed fresh-baked cupcakes 24 hours a day, seven days a week? That would be a whole ‘nother level of awesome, right? Well, this wonderful machine actually exists. It’s the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills.

Pink's Chili Cheese Hot Dog

Noshing on Nostalgia at Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood

After a day of mulling aimlessly around Los Angeles and working up an appetite, I went in search of Pink’s Hot Dogs, the internationally known Hollywood attraction famous for its chili cheese dogs and extensive menu of hot dog variations.


Pathos in a Pot – Afternoon Tea at The Tea Room in Savannah, Georgia

In researching my trip to Savannah last fall, I’d been piqued by the chance to have a proper afternoon tea at The Tea Room, so on my third morning in that city, I made my way to the little shop and made an appointment for afternoon tea a couple of hours later.  But first, an early lunch and a stroll… [Keep reading…]