July 23, 2017


The Old England building in Brussels.ee

Flirting, Food, and A View From The Top in Brussels

I suck at flirting. Seriously. I put the “single” in single occupancy. On the day I returned to Brussels from a few days in Antwerp and Brugge, the day was gray and cold and I’d grown weary of lugging my behemoth backpack around the country. Cranky and chilled to the bone, with feet aching from the walk from the Metro,… [Keep reading…]

Vitalgaufre waffle, Belgium

Belgium and My Waffle-a-Day Diet

Let’s hear it for the humble waffle. The delicacy, found on pretty much any street corner in the main tourist areas of Brussels, Antwerp, and Brugge, became a staple of my daily diet during the ten days I spent in Belgium.


Brokenhearted in Brussels

Last week, I took a step back from posting about my recent trip to Belgium for two reasons. One, a big imminent life change is ahead for me, one that requires a lot of time and attention. The second and more important reason was that I realized I wasn’t telling the whole story about Belgium.

I even posed for a photo with the Little Boy Piss

5 Reasons It’s Okay to Love the Manneken Pis

When I arrived in Brussels I had no fixed plans. I had prepared myself to walk around and simply explore and find the city’s treasures on my own. However, there was one well-known attraction that didn’t interest me in the least. Call me stuffy or call me a prude but at no time did I have any intention of seeking… [Keep reading…]