July 23, 2017


One-way car rental

Solo Travel Roadtrip: Finding a Cheap One-Way Car Rental

It takes a little bit of work but you really can find an affordable one-way car rental–you simply have to get creative and approach the process from different angles. Spend a little extra time and energy upfront and you’ll spend less money in the long run. Here are my top three tips for saving big on a one-way car rental:

Waiting at the South Kensington tube station at midnight.

The Flipside of Travel Expectations

  I had a dream, many years ago, about the first time I would visit London. In my dream, I touched down in an airplane that looked oddly like a Boeing 677 Stratocruiser painted in a dark green, worn to a dull luster by time. As I stepped off the flight and unto the mossy cobblestoned runway in the center… [Keep reading…]

Six items I'd stuffed into this backpack helped salvage the first night of my trip.

What To Pack In Your Carry On Bag

I’ve suffered through flights delayed due to weather, missed connections, and mechanical issues, but had never before completely missed a flight. Until now. And what the experience taught me: what you pack in your carry on bag can pretty much make or break a travel experience. 

Room at the Doubletree Savannah

Solo Travel Tips: 5 Things to Look for in Lodging

In my years of traveling solo, I’ve stayed in all sorts of lodging, from a tent at the edge of a beach in the U.S. Virgin Islands to some pretty swanky digs (by my standards) in Savannah, Georgia. Each time I’ve traveled, I’ve come away with a new appreciation for how different amenities have specifically met my needs as a… [Keep reading…]

Tourists at the Grote Market in Brugge, Belgium

Burnout in Brugge’s Grote Markt

Brugge can be overwhelming. Many of the guidebooks, web guides, and travel forums I consulted prior to my trip say you can spend one day in the city and see everything there is to see. I’m here to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although I didn’t like Brugge at first, I learned (eventually) that like any… [Keep reading…]