December 10, 2016

Weekend Intelligence {08.04.2013}


In the middle of another glorious weekend here in the Pacific Northwest and had some good news this week. Some really good news. Good news that equals one six-letter word that both you and I adore: t-r-a-v-e-l. I’ll explain more once my plans have been nailed down (y’all know I like to keep it secret!) but until then, it’s time for yet another episode of Weekend Intelligence. Here we go:

For the next three weeks, I’m proud to show my love for America’s National Park System (NPS) as we count down the days until the NPS’s 97th birthday! To celebrate, August 25th will be a fee-free day where you can gain entrance to U.S. national parks gratis. Find out more about NPS Fee-Free Days, read all about my already published national park posts here to get inspired, and stay tuned for more as-of-yet unshared posts coming up in the next three weeks.

UPDATE: At the end of August, I plan on doing some cleaning up on the site, including getting rid of the old RSS feed from the early days of the blog. If you receive my posts by email or RSS with the name “Single Occupancy,” I encourage you to subscribe to the Wanderlust for One feed as the original feed will no longer work beginning in September. And you really want to stay up to date in the beginning of September. More on this soon…

Have a happy rest-of-the-weekend!

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