March 29, 2017

Trip Planning

One-way car rental

Solo Travel Roadtrip: Finding a Cheap One-Way Car Rental

It takes a little bit of work but you really can find an affordable one-way car rental–you simply have to get creative and approach the process from different angles. Spend a little extra time and energy upfront and you’ll spend less money in the long run. Here are my top three tips for saving big on a one-way car rental:

National Express offers a fairly straightforward coach service between London and Glasgow. It's long and sometimes it's uncomfortable, but it will get you to your destination.

Taking the Long Way: London to Glasgow by Bus

It’s a nine-hour ride, but going from London to Glasgow by bus really isn’t all that bad.

On the way to the airport isn't when you want to start planning.

In Praise of Travel Planning

No matter how often I travel, I still get it. The nervous indecision. The clammy palms. The tightness in the chest. Shortness of breath. Feeling overwhelmed. And yes, as I prepare to leave for Scotland in a few weeks it’s here in full force: the pre-travel jitters. I only know of one cure for the pre-travel jitters: information, and lots… [Keep reading…]

View of Montreal from Mont Royal

Weekend Wanderlust For One: Solo City Break to Montreal, Canada

Editor’s Note: Weekend Wanderlust for One is a series where I give my favorite bloggers a $500 budget and ask them to plan a weekend getaway less than 4 hours away from their hometowns that lasts 3 days and 2 nights for 1 traveler. The blogger who answers the challenge this month? Gray Cargill of Solo Friendly.

Weekend Wanderlust for One

Weekend Wanderlust for One: Road Trippin’ Harrisburg/Carlisle, Pennsylvania

I’m beyond excited for the first installment of Weekend Wanderlust for One, an exciting collaboration with some of my favorite bloggers who show you how they’d do a long weekend alone and on the cheap. Basically, I give them a budget of $500USD and ask them to plan a trip to a destination less than four hours from their hometowns… [Keep reading…]

You don't have to travel far to travel well.

Introducing Weekend Wanderlust for One

A week or two ago, I asked Facebook friends and Twitter followers to fill in the blank: “I’d travel more if I had _________.”  The top two responses weren’t surprising: most people surveyed would travel more if they had more time and more money. Personally, I’m convinced that you don’t need a lot of either to travel. All you really… [Keep reading…]

Antwerpen Centraal - Better looking than your average train station

Riding the Rails in Belgium

While some wince at the idea of traveling anywhere by train, I welcome the opportunity to sit back and watch the world flow past my window like a moving picture. So when it came time to travel from city to city on my recent trip to Belgium, I knew that taking the train would be the perfect option for me…. [Keep reading…]