July 23, 2017

Travel Tales


Finding Yourself Through Solo Travel

It’s those moments when I’m away from everything and everyone I know, out of my comfort zone and neck deep in the unfamiliar, that show me who I really am as a person and train me how to listen to my own voice.

Climbing Cairn Gorm, where the landscape is beautiful but desolate and the weather can turn on a dime.

Cairn Gorm: The Mountain That (Almost) Ate My Memories

After chickening out of a driving tour of the Scottish Highlands, I’d missed my chance at climbing Ben Nevis, Scotland’s tallest peak. In Inverness on my last day in Scotland, I decided that climbing the nearby Cairn Gorm would have to do. The experience didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped.


Livin’ La Vida Local at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market

It’s a sunny Sunday morning in Los Angeles and I can’t help smiling. I’m strolling along Ivar Avenue in Hollywood, browsing the stalls of the Hollywood Farmers’ Market. The canopy-covered farmstands are overflowing with color: robust pepper reds, golden Valencia oranges, deep green bunches of kale, and potent eggplant purple. There are many other colors too among the market’s offerings, a… [Keep reading…]

Overlooking the Badlands

Beyond Boundaries in Badlands National Park

It was raining–hard–on the morning I left Rochester, Minnesota. It was the third day of my big cross-country road trip and I was headed to Custer, South Dakota for the night. Being an early riser, I was already on the road a little before five in the morning, driving west under steel gray skies and dodging muscular semis while the… [Keep reading…]

How much would you pay to stay in this hotel room?

The Most Expensive Hotel Room I’ve Ever Stayed In

If you want to know where to stay in London, or you’re looking for cheap London hotels, you definitely want to look around in advance to get the best options. I learned the hard way that staying in London can be pretty pricey, something you definitely want to take into consideration if you’re planning to travel there.