March 29, 2017

Tips & Thoughts

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How To Be A Good Traveler: Observations from 3 Weeks On The Road

I promised myself when I got back from my road trip, I simply had to document all the dumb, strange, and pet-peeve-y things I saw travelers do while I was traveling. By the time the three weeks had come to an end, I had a whole laundry list of bad travel behavior to pick a bone with.

Most of what I bought has already been eaten. This receipt is all I have left.

Rediscovering My Travel Groove

What sometimes happens when you haven’t traveled for a while? You lose your travel groove.

What do you do when biding your time between your travels?

Haagen-Dazs, Shoes, and the “Between Travel” Blues

It doesn’t usually hit right away. In the hours and days right after returning from a trip, you’re still coasting around on a cloud of euphoria, filled with the excitement and pleasant memories of the past few days or weeks. And then, after about a week after stepping over your still-packed suitcase for the umpteenth time, the lightness begins to… [Keep reading…]


Travel Your Truth

Here’s my truth. I love getting behind the wheel and dream of the open road. There’s something about being in the outdoors that simply satisfies me in a way little else can. For some strange reason, although I’ve never lived there, the West Coast of the U.S. always feels like home.

One of my most life-changing travel experiences happened three hours from home, one state over.

Life-Changing Travel: It Can Happen Anywhere

Why do I love travel? Travel is not just recreation. It is re-creation. In the early days of this website, I waxed poetic about travel in a short, heartfelt love letter. What I’d settled on was that travel had the power to transform me by changing my perspective of the world–and my place in it–in both small and substantial ways…. [Keep reading…]

National Express offers a fairly straightforward coach service between London and Glasgow. It's long and sometimes it's uncomfortable, but it will get you to your destination.

Taking the Long Way: London to Glasgow by Bus

It’s a nine-hour ride, but going from London to Glasgow by bus really isn’t all that bad.

Waiting at the South Kensington tube station at midnight.

The Flipside of Travel Expectations

  I had a dream, many years ago, about the first time I would visit London. In my dream, I touched down in an airplane that looked oddly like a Boeing 677 Stratocruiser painted in a dark green, worn to a dull luster by time. As I stepped off the flight and unto the mossy cobblestoned runway in the center… [Keep reading…]