March 29, 2017


Hiking in Big Sur, California

Big Sur: Natural Beauty on the California Coast

Rocky cliffs with long, luscious views of the Pacific Ocean, magnificent mountains cloaked in fog and covered in evergreens, and nature in perfect harmony with itself. I sincerely can’t think of a more visually captivating place than this stunning stretch of the California coast between San Simeon and Carmel.

Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California

Hearst Castle: Scenes from San Simeon’s Shangri-La

This is Hearst Castle: opulent, obsessive, and almost obscene. It’s a must-see stop in San Simeon along California’s Pacific Coast Highway.

Powell-Hyde cable car

Capturing the Colors of San Francisco

Travel Supermarket is hosting Capture the Colour, a photoblogging contest  in which travel bloggers are asked to produce a post sharing photos from their travels that highlight or represent five colors (blue, green, yellow, white, and red).

Christmas Shop, Edinburgh

Up, Down, and Around Edinburgh’s Old Town

It’s been said that Edinburgh is the most beautiful city in Europe but until I got there, I didn’t believe it. It’s not that I expected Edinburgh to be unimpressive. It’s just that cities like Paris and Rome are usually on the receiving end of such accolades and, well, I hadn’t even heard of Edinburgh being beautiful until I started… [Keep reading…]


A Date with the Dead at the Glasgow Necropolis

Of all the things to do in Glasgow, the Glasgow Necropolis was my favorite attraction, hands down. They call it the “City of the Dead” and it really is like a city unto itself. The inhabitants just happen to be–well–deceased.

Brabo Fountain, Grote Markt, Antwerpen, Belgium

Memories of Antwerp

Although I’m not a blonde, I felt every bit like Goldilocks sampling Belgian cities like the porridge of the three bears. Brugge was too hot. Too much activity and too many people in the city center. I enjoyed my trip off the beaten path but I’m not sure I’d go back again. Brussels was too cold. As the capital of… [Keep reading…]

Tourists at the Grote Market in Brugge, Belgium

Burnout in Brugge’s Grote Markt

Brugge can be overwhelming. Many of the guidebooks, web guides, and travel forums I consulted prior to my trip say you can spend one day in the city and see everything there is to see. I’m here to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although I didn’t like Brugge at first, I learned (eventually) that like any… [Keep reading…]