July 23, 2017


Yosemite National Park in California

Celebrating Small Successes in Yosemite National Park

It’s taken over a year to really sink in: I’ve backpacked Yosemite National Park. Thousands–maybe millions–of people have already accomplished that feat, so what makes the fact that I’ve done it so special?

Welcome to Wyoming

Throwing in the Solo Travel Towel?

Over pancakes and bacon and coffee the morning following the funeral of a cousin, my two older brothers and I reminisced about her life and our own childhood while lamenting the fact that we weren’t as close as we’d like to be. As a step toward cementing our filial bond, I invited them both to join me on my cross-country roadtrip when I moved west.

There's no shame in dining alone.

Reservations About Eating Alone? 5 Tips To Get Over It

Since last week started off with a dose of unbridled honesty, it only seems right that I should continue in the same vein. So here’s my confession: I love compiling helpful posts and good reads from around the web in my weekly Weekend Intelligence post and I’ve traditionally included around five posts or so each week. But the truth is… [Keep reading…]


Why I Love Travel

Why do I love travel? Travel is not just recreation. It is re-creation.